Lift Master  Chamberlain garage door opener products

For your convenience and protection, HDS  Hamilton Door Systems Ltd.  ” The Garage Door People” is proud to supply and install the Lift-Master Security + Garage Door Opener.

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Electric garage door opener repair or installation of a new one

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  • electric operator
  • remote controls
  • chain garage door, belt garage door or side mount garage door openers… just call in and a friendly member of our staff will help you.
  • garage door opener service and repairs
  • replacement plastic gear kits, sprocket assembly, remotes & keyless entry in stock.
  • key pad

Additional security features include:

  • Illuminated Multi-Function Remote Control Panel with Signal Lockout
  • Opener lights can be controlled with the remote
  • The Security + comes equipped with PosiLockTM: If someone attempts to open the door, the opener automatically re-activates to the closed position
  • Optional Keyless Entry ( Digital) with Rolling Code

In addition to the advanced security features, the Security+ incorporates:

  • The Protector System®:If anything interrupts the invisible light beam while the door is going down, the Protector System reverses the door before making contact
  • Automatic Safety Reverse and Automatic Door Stop
  • Automatic Light Delay
  • Manual Release Handle

Interested in additional details regarding the Lift-Master Security + Garage Door Opener? Give us a call or stop by our Showroom today!  WE have the Lift Master Products on display.  Ask our Staff for more information on the Battery back up systems, and built in WIFI with the latest versions!

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Are you having problems with your garage door? Your garage door won’t open or close………

Does your opener have white plastic shavings in the cover?

Are you wondering why there is a plastic gear in your garage door opener?

gearkit 3Are you having problems with your garage door? Does your opener have white plastic shavings in the cover? Are you wondering why there is a plastic gear in your garage door opener? The plastic gear is actually designed to strip when the Garage door opener is under excessive strain. The plastic gear saves the more expensive parts such as the motor, circuit board, and sprocket from being damaged. Garage door openers are not designed to lift garage doors; they are only remote control devices. If the gear has stripped you probably need work done on your Garage door and Garage door opener. Broken springs, blown bearings and low quality/worn-out rollers or hinges are typical causes of not having a well maintained garage door or garage door opener.

Call HDS  Hamilton Door Systems Ltd. today to service your Garage doors or Garage door openers. No matter where you are, we service, Ancaster, Binbrook, Brantford, Burlington, Caledonia, Cayuga, Dundas, Grimsby, Hamilton, Oakville, Stoney Creek, Waterdown and surrounding Areas. Fast, Friendly Service Guaranteed.

Offering a stocked parts department from replacement remotes and new keyless entry. Updated LiftMaster MYQ technology wall stations, gateway internet and Light switches to work with your mobile devices and internet.

Call HDS Hamilton Door Systems Ltd. today and have your broken gear replaced and your garage door serviced or have our parts department provide you with the garage door opener parts you need.

And the winner is……

Hamilton Door Systems would like announce the winner of the  2023 ” Enter To Win ” Contest for the NEW 87504  LiftMaster,  Garage door opener with a battery back up, and built in WIFI system and integrated camera system.
Congratulations to TIM M  of WATERDOWN, who has won the opener. He was happy that he entered at the Spring 2023 Home show!!!
We would like to Thank all of the entries received at the home shows this year, and look forward to offering new promotions and draws for SPRING 2024.
Look for us at the home shows,  or visit our office for upcoming offers!

Are you interested in the 8500 Jack shaft ( side mount ) or NEW WLED opener or any LiftMaster products, please contact our office for more information.